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Where do the brands/products come from?
The brands / products in Clover Boxes come from USA, France, Japan and Korea.

Are the products sold in Clover Boxes genuine?
Yes, all products sold in Clover Boxes are imported directly from countries of origins to Indonesia and stored under air-conditioned warehousing to provide the best possible quality.

How long will it take to confirm my order?
The order will be confirmed when payment has been made. Please check your e-mail for Payment Confirmation.

Can I cancel my order?
Unfortunately, we could not cancel order when it has been processed. To check on the status of your order, please log in to your account at http://www.cloverboxes.co/. Click "My Account" on the top left corner of the page, then choose "Current Order."

Can I modify my order once it has been confirmed and paid?
We cannot modify any order because we process the order immediately after payment has been confirmed. Any changes will cause your order to be delayed.

How long does it take to deliver my order?
The delivery time of your order is greatly depending on its destination. After receiving your payment, we will process and deliver your address by JNE, J&T Express or Si Cepat. Delivery time never exceeds one week, even for remote islands.

What should I do if the product in my Out of Stock shopping cart?
When product is not available, please click "Remove Me" to remove item from your shopping cart. This will not affect other products in the shopping cart.

To know when the product is going to be available again, we suggest you click on "Notify Me" on the specific product page. You will receive an automated e-mail when the product is available. Pre-order is only available if it is stated on the item.

How much does it cost to deliver my order?
The shipping cost greatly depends on the weight of the order and its destination.

When is the item shipped?
We ship on Monday-Friday. All orders require a signature on the receipt. Please make sure someone is able to sign your order at the specific shipping address.

What are shipping options?
We ship to all over Indonesia.

We offer both Standard and Express shipping. 
All orders will be delivered within 5-7 business days.

- We are closed on Sundays and on National Holidays.
- Delivery will take longer during the sale, holidays, and extreme weather periods.

What to do if I am allergic to the product?
At http://www.cloverboxes.co/, we specifically tailor our products. The product composition has been included on the page to help you identify sensitivity with certain materials. Different types and skin conditions can show different reactions to our products and brands. You should be knowledgable how your skin would react to different products and compositions.

Can I use Cash on Delivery (COD) service?
Cash on Delivery (COD) is not accepted as payment for purchases at Clover Boxes.

How can I ask about my order or contact Customer Care?
Our Customer Service Team will gladly help you. Send us a message by going into the “CONTACT” page and fill out the information required or simply contact us at:

Line ID: @cloverboxes
Email: hello@cloverboxes.co

By shopping at the official Clover Boxes website, then you are willing to follow the Terms and Conditions applicable.

Clover Boxes is a patented, legitimate, and original brand.