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HUM NUTRITION Runway Ready (NO BOX) 52 52
HUM Nutrition Runway Ready™ does just what the name implies, gets you looking your absolute best for whatever walkway you're strutting down. The 30-day program pairs bestsellers Red Carpet™ with Killer Nails™ for a complete head-to-toe beauty regimen. The natural, plant-based formulas work from the inside out to fortify nails, clear skin and restore shiny luster to locks. Made with vegetarian-friendly formulas, these travel-ready packets provide the perfect balance of GLA, ALA and vitamin E to support glamorous, full hair, glowing skin and resilient nails. Program should last 30 days with regular use. HUM Nutrition Runway Ready™ includes: - Red Carpet™ (2 capsules per packet): sunflower and black currant seed oil promote shiny hair and glowing skin - Killer Nails™ (1 capsule per packet): pure biotin nourishes cells to support healthy strands and resilient nails and cuticles

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